StockMarketEye v2.6.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye v2.6.0 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

This release brings the long awaited “Stock Alerts” feature. You can now set alerts on certain values in both Watchlists and Portfolios. For example, you can set StockMarketEye to alert you when a stock passes a certain price. Or if a stock is up/down more than a certain percentage in one day. The supported alert values (columns) are: Last Price, Volume, Today’s Percent Change, P/E, Position % Gain/Loss, Position Gain/Loss, Watch % Change, Watch Points.

When one of the alerts is raised, StockMarketEye will display a special indicator next to the item and in the folders list. If you have Growl or Growl for Windows installed, StockMarketEye will also send a notification that gets displayed on your desktop. Growl notifications can even be forwarded to your iPhone using Growl add-on applications. Now, StockMarketEye makes it that much easier to keep your eye on the markets.

Other interesting new features in this release include a new column for Portfolios that shows you the percentage of the portfolio represented by the item, and a pre-set option for exporting a Portfolio to CSV in a format that can be imported back into StockMarketEye without changes.

One other important change in this version is an internal upgrade to the StockMarketEye database. You’ll notice this change the first time you run the new version of StockMarketEye when a small window will be displayed while StockMarketEye automatically upgrades. This change brings stability and speed improvements.

Below is a complete list of the additions and changes in this version of StockMarketEye.

What’s New In StockMarketEye v2.6.0

New Features

  • Alerts!!!
    • Set alerts on Last Price, Volume, PE, Watch % Change (Watchlist only), Watch Points (Watchlist only), Position % Gain/Loss (Portfolio only) and Position Gain/Loss (Portfolio only).
    • Visible indicators for alerts raised within StockMarketEye’s Folders list (left-hand side) and on the stock itself in the Watchlists and Portfolios.
    • Notification of alerts raised also pushed to Growl for Mac or Growl for Windows.
  • New Portfolio column: “Portfolio %” which will display the percentage of the total portfolio value represented by this item. This is useful when analysing your current portfolio allocation vs your investment strategy.
  • New Portfolio column: “Buy Val Yield” which will display the dividend yield on the purchase value of the Portfolio item.
  • New Portfolio Totals column: “Cash” which will display the Portfolio’s cash holdings (from the “MarketVal” column of the Portfolio’s Cash line).
  • New Portfolio Totals column: “Cash %” which will display the percentage of the Portfolio’s total value held in Cash.
  • New option in CSV Portfolio Export to create a CSV file that can be imported without changes using StockMarketEye’s CSV import feature.


  • When creating a Portfolio, initial deposit is required.
  • Speed improvements for importing a Watchlist via CSV file.
  • Improved quote retrieval for some corner case symbols.
  • Upgraded StockMarketEye database software version for speed and stability improvments.
  • New, lighter-weight installer for Linux.
  • Many consistency improvements when editing portfolio item, transactions and Cash value.

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a Split transaction, set the date in the split window to be that specified in the original split transaction.
  • Fix to export % and $ symbols when requested in Advanced options for CSV export.
  • Fix for tiny window bug.
  • Fix for Comment and DateAdded columns not updating after editing details.
  • Fix for importing Watchlists with European number formats.

There is no charge for this upgrade so we highly recommend that all users (trial and licensed) upgrade to the newest version.

You can download the latest version of StockMarketEye here.