StockMarketEye v3.3.6 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye v3.3.6 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

This version includes new columns in the ending portfolio of the Summary report, minor improvements to on-line syncing, as well as small fixes for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Below is a complete list of the additions and changes in this version of StockMarketEye.

What’s New In StockMarketEye v3.3.6


  • The Summary report’s “Portfolio at close” now includes a “Gain” and “Gain %” columns.
  • New brokerage: American Century Brokerage and American Century Investments (please let us know if either of these work for you)./li>
  • New button, ‘Purge Unknown Symbols List’ in the Preferences’ Advanced tab which clears the unknown symbols list.


  • Fixed: On-line sync does not transfer “Include a cash balance” and “Include in Portfolio Totals view” settings for a portfolio.
  • Fixed: Alerts configuration window doesn’t show alert on Mac OS X Yosemite.
  • Fixed: Charts for some Google ticker symbols not updating properly. If you have Google ticker symbols that don’t show a chart, use the new “Purge Unknown Symbols” list button in the Preferences’ Advanced tab.
  • Fixed: Technical indicator not working with incomplete data.

This is a free update for those of you using StockMarketEye 3. If you are using StockMarketEye 3, we highly recommend that you upgrade to this version.

Haven’t yet updated to StockMarketEye 3? What better time than now!