StockMarketEye v3.3.9 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye v3.3.9 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

This release contains a few small improvements as well as bug fixes that improve stability and compatibility.

Below is a complete list of the additions and changes in this version of StockMarketEye.

What’s New In StockMarketEye v3.3.9

New and Updated

  • NETXInvestor brokerage added
  • TIAA-CREF brokerage added
  • T. Rowe Price (Brokerage) broker fix
  • RBC Dain Rauscher broker fix


  • Fixed incorrect YearlyDivVal and BuyValYield for LON and .L stocks
  • Fixed incorrect Income YTD when splits were involved.
  • QIF fixes for negative dividends (translated to FEES)
  • QIF import fixes for negative Cash transactions (translated to “other out”)
  • Fix for ALL range in transactions and gain/loss report to include future transactions
  • Fix for Dividend Date and Ex-Dividend Date columns for Yahoo Finance symbols

This is a free update for those of you using StockMarketEye 3. If you are using StockMarketEye 3, we highly recommend that you upgrade to this version.

Haven’t yet updated to StockMarketEye 3? What better time than now!