StockMarketEye Features

  • Comprehensive Investment Tools

  • Market Analysis Features

  • Automated Reporting

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Light and Dark Themes

StockMarketEye sports a modern look and feel; you can use the compact view for enhanced column visibility.

StockMarketEye General View
StockMarketEye Dark Theme

New Data Provider

In addition to support for retrieving prices from Yahoo Finance, StockMarketEye 5 can also get prices from MSN Money.

  • Look for the green MSN icon Msn icon in the symbol search results.
  • We recommend using MSN for securities that do not have good coverage at Yahoo Finance, such as Canadian mutual funds and UK unit trusts.
  • Just like Yahoo Finance ticker symbols, MSN ticker symbols can be used in any watchlist or portfolio.
MSN Ticker Symbol Search

Updated Reports

Portfolio reports have become even more flexible. It’s now even easier to get the information you need to make informed investment decisions.

  • Transactions Report – filter by multiple symbols and multiple transaction types.
StockMarketEye Transactions Report
  • Gain/Loss Report – group by symbol and filter by multiple symbols
StockMarketEye Gain/Loss Report with Graph
  • Summary Report – updated charts; use multiple benchmark symbols; totals for taxes and fees
StockMarketEye Portfolio Summary Report

Updated Charting

We’ve improved the charting experience.

  • Weekly, monthly or yearly charts are now available.
  • Scroll by dragging left or right.
StockMarketEye Monthly Charting Feature
  • Easier to use custom date range selection.
Change the Stock Chart Date Range

Improved Column Configuration

Column configuration is easier and faster with support for:

  • Find columns easily by searching and sorting them by name.
  • Copy the column setup to 1 or more other watchlists or portfolios.
  • Copy the column setup from a watchlist or portfolio to the current view.
Improved Columns Configuration

Improved Usability

We’ve redesigned many features to make them easier and faster to use.

  • Preferences management
  • Alert management
  • Brokerage import
  • Update from all brokerages
  • On-line sync
  • Auto-Update
  • and more…
StockMarketEye Interface Settings

Other Changes and Additions

  • Ability to set the time of day for transactions, rather than just the date.
  • Ability to specify a transaction’s commissions/fees/total in the portfolio’s currency, rather than in the security’s currency.
  • Rebuilding portfolio from the transactions maintains category settings.
  • Native desktop notifications (rather than relying on 3rd party software).
  • Multi-column sorting is available in all tables.
  • “DivPay Date” column works again where Yahoo Finance has this data available.
  • “3Y%” column has been added.