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Visualize market movement and gain perspective on your investments.

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Visualize a Stock’s Story

A chart tells a stock’s story. Visualize that story quickly with dynamic price charts.

Quickly switch between charts for different stocks to help you gain perspective on market movement.

Read the story the way you feel most comfortable — Line ChartsMountain ChartsCandlestick Charts and OHLC Charts.

Get More Perspective

Get the right perspective on the stocks you follow by visualizing their past performance.

  • EOD (End-of-Date) charts for the longer term perspective.
  • 1 & 5 day intra-day charts for the short term perspective.
  • Linear and logarithmic scales; Price and %-change y-axis.

Zoom in on specific periods or take a step back to see the performance over the long term.

Exxon Mobil Stock Chart with Candlestick View

World Stock Markets

StockMarketEye can show stock charts for securities that trade on most major world exchanges.

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Euro markets (Spain, Germany, France, etc)
  • Asian markets (Japan, China, Singapore, etc)
  • and more…

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The Technicals Matter

Use any combination of techincal indicators to give you even more perspective on what the market is doing.

All indicators are configurable and saved for next time.

Available indicators include SMAEMABollinger BandsMACDRSISlow & Fast Stochastic and more.

Comparison Charting

Trying to decide which stock to invest in? Use comparison charting to pick the one that’s right for your.

Setup your charts to compare one or more stocks against another. Add and remove new comparison symbols at the click of a button.

Capture The Moment

Capturing the moment and share it with friends — Save your charts as an image or export the raw historical quote data to CSV.

Don’t want to be distracted? Hide the chart and bring it back at a later time.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Chart Screenshot

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