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Shopping for Investments
Was Never Easier

Facilitate your investment research — track 100s of stocks, ETFs and funds easily.


Organize Your Shopping Lists

Facilitate your investment shopping by getting organized with watchlists.

Track your potential investments in as many watchlists as you want, organized by your criteria.

Each watchlists can track 100s of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and currencies from around the world, including markets in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, France and more.

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Get Started Quickly

The built-in ticker symbol search helps you find the right ticker symbols quickly. Search by company name or ticker symbol.

You can add ticker symbols to your watchlists in many ways:

  • Via the symbol search results,
  • Using the "Add" button in the toolbar,
  • Adding them in bulk by simply typing the symbols into a bulk entry window,
  • Or even importing them from a spreadsheet.


Expand Your Research

Get fast access to quotes and fundamental data. Two separate views ("Prices" and "Fundamentals") make it easy to get to the right data quickly.

Change, arrange and sort the data that is displayed to fit your needs and your research habits.

Manually modify prices for quick forward-testing.

Quotes are downloaded and updated automatically from free sources on the internet.

The built-in stock charts give you another perspective in your investment research.

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