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Organize and Track Your Stocks

StockMarketEye lets you monitor all your investments in one place and keep a close eye on the market trends. Organize and track your stocks and become a more confident investor.

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Track Your Stock Market Investments

Forget about jumping from platform to platform or sifting through endless spreadsheets.

With our stock market tracker software, you can view your holdings in one place and monitor your portfolio’s performance with just a few clicks.

Track Your Investment Ideas

StockMarketEye makes it easy to monitor and manage idea lists, allowing you to track 10s, 100s, or even 1000s of investment possibilities.

You can set up as many Watchlists as you need to keep track of all the securities you want to investigate.

  • Create a watchlist just for tech companies
  • Create another just for energy stocks
  • Create a list to track the picks from your favorite investor
  • Create a list of recommendations for your stock-picking service

There are no limits or restrictions on how many lists you create or how many securities you track.

StockMarketEye Investment Categories

You need to do your due diligence because it’s your money at stake. That’s where a stock market tracking software such as StockMarketEye comes in.

By giving you the tools to help with your due diligence, you’ll be more confident in your investment choices.

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Track and Organize Your Watchlists

When tracking many securities, managing your Watchlists efficiently is key to making your search easier.

One of the built-in tools for efficiently managing watchlists is Watchlist Groups.

You can use watchlist groups to bring together multiple watchlists. This tool makes organizing them a smooth process and allows you to quickly track and scan from a high level.

When looking at the items in your watchlist, you can create Categories in order to help organize and manage the individual securities in the list.

Track Stock Ticker Symbols

It’s quick to add known stock ticker symbols to your lists. You can add them individually using our optimized entry window.

You can also add them in bulk just by copy-pasting the ticker symbols into the bulk entry window. Alternatively, you can import them from a CSV spreadsheet file.

If you don’t know the ticker symbol of the company or fund that you want to track, you can use StockMarketEye’s built-in symbol search to locate the exact ticker symbol you need.

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Track Your Securities

With StockMarketEye, you can track securities such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, currencies, and more.

Our stock market software highlights the pricing and fundamental data about the securities in your list, and price updates are automatically shown so you always have the most recent data available.

Track securities from most major world exchanges, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia Markets, and many more.

Start Tracking Your Stocks with Ease!

StockMarketEye is the perfect solution for both novice and experienced investors. Easily take control of your investments and track your portfolio’s performance in real time.

Our stock tracker software simplifies the process of organizing and tracking your stocks, allowing you to keep things simple and to stay focused on other areas of your life.

Take Control of Your Investments with StockMarketEye

Take control of your investment portfolio and track your stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, currencies, and more with ease.

Try StockMarketEye today with a 30-day free trial and simplify your investment tracking with just a few clicks.