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Grouped Portfolios

StockMarketEye 4 adds support for grouping portfolios. Portfolio groups are a powerful way to organize and manage your various investment accounts.

You can use portfolio groups to better manage diverse sets of portfolios. For example,

  • Create a group for each person whose investments you manage.
  • Create a separate group for virutual portfolios and another for your actual portfolios.

Each portfolio group has its own currency, so you can even use it to group your portfolios based on currency or track the value of your investments in another currency.

You can create as many groups and sub-groups as you need. Each portfolio group has the following views:

  • A "Totals" view which shows the total value of all portfolios and sub-groups.
  • A "Combined" portfolio (Prices and Fundamentals views) of all the individual holdings from the portfolios and sub-groups.
  • A "Reports" section with our standard reports that run over all of the portfolios and groups within that group.

Read more about creating and using groups in our User's Guide.

Whatsnew4 pfgroups

Investment Categories

Within an individual portfolio, you can group your current investments using "Categories". Categories help you organize and manage the positions within a portfolio.

Each category shows the total of the investment positions it contains. You can use categories (and sub-categories) to group your investments based on currency, sector, over/underweight, or any criteria you choose.

As each category has its own currency, categories are a great way to group investments of the same currency together or to track the value of your investments in a different currency.

You can read more about Investment Categories in our User's Guide.

Whatsnew4 pfcats

Watchlist Groups and Categories

Watchlists have also kept pace with portfolios and now have support for grouped watchlists as well as categories.

Organizing and managing your stock watchlists was never easier or more powerful!

Whatsnew4 watchlists

Enhanced Charts

The charting experience in StockMarketEye 4 has been enhanced to give you an improved visual perspective on your investments.

Your purchase and sales transactions are now visible in the chart - hover the mouse over the marker to get details on the buy/sell transaction.

Dividend and split information is also now available in the chart - hover the mouse over the marker to get details on the dividend or split.

StockMarketEye 4 also has an enhanced external chart window. You can use this external window to quickly browse stock charts. It can also be used to follow the current selection from a portfolio or watchlist, just like the built-in chart does. You can have as many external chart windows as you want and StockMarketEye will remember and open them the next time you start.

We've also added support for setting a custom date range as well as adding several new technical indicators, including Money Flow Index (MFI), On-Balance Volume (OBV), Accumulation/Distribution Line, Parabolic SAR and Rate of Change (ROC).

Whatsnew4 extchart

Summary Report - Performance Charts

We've added Market Value and Performance charts to the Summary report. You can now get a graphical view of how the value of your account and its performance evolved over the selected time range.

Whatsnew4 summarycharts

Enhanced Update-From-Brokerage

StockMarketEye 4 makes it faster and easier to get the latest transactions from your brokerage accounts.

Using the new update-from-brokerage window, you can download from all of your brokerage accounts in one go. And with the option to store your passwords, the time saved versus updating each account separately, even for just 2 or 3 accounts, is huge.

Learn more about using the enhanced update-from-brokerage feature in the User's Guide.

Whatsnew4 brokerageupdate

New columns...

Sector and Industry

By popular demand, we've added columns for "Sector" and "Industry".

StockMarketEye will auto-populate values in these new columns (when possible), but they are also editable. You can use any of the pre-defined sectors/industries or make up your own.

Sector and Industry columns are available in both portfolios and watchlists.

Read more about editing these values in our User's Guide.

Whatsnew4 columns1

:-), Target price and more

Other new columns include:

  • :-) - an editable, icon-based column with over 25 colorful icons to choose from.
  • Target / Target % / Target Discount - set your own target price in the editable "Target" column and StockMarketEye will calculate the "Target %" and "Target Discount" columns.
  • Ann TR % - the annualized Total Return percentage for your investment.
  • TR YTD / TR YTD % - the Total Return of your investment in the year-to-date.
  • FwdDiv / FwdYield - the forward 12-month dividend, calculated based on the last known dividend.
  • DivPayoutRatio - the dividend payout ration, which is the percentage of earnings paid to shareholders in dividends, calculated as (Dividend / EPS).
Whatsnew4 columns2

And much more...

  • New withholding/tax and franking/credits fields for dividends.
  • Support for using Average Cost Basis (ACB) calculation.
  • New "Cash Balance" column in the Transactions report for easier reconciliation with your brokerage statements.
  • Enhanced multi-currency support.
  • Retina display support.
  • Improved support for scaled display settings.
  • ...and many under-the-hood improvements.

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