Subscriptions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Subscription Questions

  • Free software updates (major and minor) during the duration of the subscription.
  • Use of all standard version features.
  • Access to support for questions or problems via the User's Guide, Knowledge Base and email.

When your subscription ends you can continue to use StockMarketEye with the following restrictions:

  • You will not receive any further software updates. The last version you can use is the version that was publicly available on the end date of your subscription.
  • Certain features will no longer be available. (See next question.)
  • Support via the User's Guide and Knowledge Base only. Email support is not available.

When your subscription expires and you choose not to renew, you will no longer have access to certain features of StockMarketEye. The disabled features are:

  • On-line sync
  • Portfolio and Watchlist creation.

Note that, because you will not be able to create any new watchlists or portfolios, importing new brokerage accounts will also not be possible (because the brokerage import creates a new portfolio for each brokerage account). Downloading new transactions for existing portfolios (i.e. using the "Update from brokerage" feature) will continue to work.

If you renew before the subscription ends, the subcription duration will be added onto the end date of your current subscription. Thus, if you have 10 days left on the subscription and you renew, you will then have 1 year and 10 days left.

If you renew after your subscription has ended, the new subscription period begins on the day you purchase the renewal.

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