Subscriptions – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Subscription Questions

What do I get with the subscription?

– Free software updates (major and minor) during the duration of the subscription.

– Use of all features available in your current subscription level.

– Access to support for questions or problems via the Knowledge Base and email.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your subscription ends you can continue to use StockMarketEye with the following restrictions:

– You will not receive any further software updates. The last version you can use is the version that was publicly available on the end date of your subscription.

– Certain features will no longer be available. (See next question.)

– Support via the User’s Guide and Knowledge Base only. Email support is not available.

What features will no longer be available after my subscription ends?

When your subscription expires and you choose not to renew, you will no longer have access to certain features of StockMarketEye. The disabled features are:

– On-line sync – The on-line synchronization service is not available after your subscription ends. It is still available in the mobile apps, but will not be accessible in the desktop version.

– Advanced brokerage import – The Advanced Brokerage Import will not be available after your subscription ends. You will not be able to import new portfolios through the Advanced Brokerage Import nor will it be possible to update existing portfolios that are linked to an account through the Advanced Brokerage Import. Your linked brokerage information at our aggregator, Plaid, will be deleted automatically 60 days after your subscription ends.

– Portfolio and Watchlist creation – Creating new Watchlists and Portfolios will not be possible. This also means that importing new brokerage accounts through the Direct Connect method will not be possible (because the brokerage import creates a new portfolio for each brokerage account). Downloading new transactions (i.e. using the “Update from brokerage” feature) for existing portfolios that have been imported via the Direct Connect method will continue to work.

What happens when I renew my subscription?

If you renew before the subscription ends, the subscription duration will be added onto the end date of your current subscription. Thus, if you have 10 days left on the subscription and you renew, you will then have 1 year and 10 days left.

If you renew after your subscription has ended, the new subscription period begins on the day you purchase the renewal.

If you renew after your subscription has ended and your previous subscription was the “Standard” subscription, you will be subscribing to one of the currently available subscription types, such as the “Essentials” subscription.

StockMarketEye “Essentials” Subscription Questions

What is the “Essentials” subscription?

The “Essentials” subscription of StockMarketEye is our base subscription. The “Essentials” subscription was first sold on April 3, 2021.

If you purchased a subscription to StockMarketEye v5 before April 3, 2021, you have the original StockMarketEye v5 “Standard” subscription. We no longer sell the “Standard” subscription, but we continue to fully support it and you may choose to remain on the “Standard” subscription as long as your subscription does not lapse.

What happens when I convert to an “Essentials” subscription?

The “Essentials” subscription is the new base StockMarketEye subscription. The “Essentials” subscription was first sold on April 3, 2021.

When you convert from a “Standard” subscription to the “Essentials” subscription, the conversion process will cancel the old “Standard” subscription and create a new “Essentials” subscription. Any time remaining on the old “Standard” subscription will be credited toward the price of the first year of the “Essentials” subscription.

Your new “Essentials” subscription will start on the day you convert. As “Essentials” is a yearly subscription, the next payment date will be one year from the day you convert.

How can I tell which subscription I have?

If you are running StockMarketEye v4, you do not have a subscription. You can choose to remain with v4 of the software, but no further updates or support will be given to that version.

We recommend upgrading to version 5 of StockMarketEye.

In StockMarketEye 5, open the License Details screen from the menu, Help -> License Info… On the License Details screen, look for the “Licensed Product”. If “Licensed Product” is “STANDARD”, you have the old “Standard” subscription. If “Licensed Product” is “ESSENTIALS”, you have the “Essentials” subscription.

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