...StockMarketEye's simple dialog-based interface is one of the clearest, cleanest displays of securities market data we've seen ... This is not only one of the cleanest-looking but also one of the easiest stock trackers we've used ... We recommend it. 5-Stars Rating

...a user-friendly portfolio tracking application...

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I think you have a great product and even better than that, you have great customer support!

B. Niel, Alabama

This is one of the finest little apps for following the stocks that I have come across in the many years that I have been computing. It is easy for my wife to use and follow her portfolio and I can use it for additional analysis when talking to my stockbroker.

Keith Thompson, Ohio, USA

I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but your software rocks. It’s as close to perfect for the individual investor as I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at quite a few. I sing your praises whenever the opportunity avails itself... I can’t believe how responsive your tech support has been. This, alone, ranks this among my best software license purchases.

Sam Giannakis, Chicago, USA

I am using the program on a Mac. It is a very easy program to use with a lot of powerful features. I can spend my time investing, not learning software. Love it; perfect application for my MAC.

David Johnston, Virginia, USA

Great App! I downloaded and evaluated 5 different stock tracking apps and StockMarketEye is by far the BEST! There is no need to waste time like I did trying out any thing else.

Anonymous Feedback

As an entry-level trader, StockMarkeyEye does everything I could ask for. It's very easy to use, runs on my Mac and Linux machines, and the customer service is fantastic! I recommend this product to any trader.

Daniel Osterday, Washington, USA

StockMarketEye makes it very easy for me to track my active portfolio and my watch list. The simple spreadsheet interface makes it easy to track gains and losses for the day, as well as since the original purchase was made. A particularly neat feature -- when you purchase additional shares of a currently owned stock, SME shows both your average gain (loss) across shares but also provides a simple pop-down menu that shows purchase date and gain for each purchase.

I wanted an easy to use daily tracking tool with low system overhead and it had to work on a Mac and a PC ... StockMarketeye does it quite nicely. I still use my portfolio management tools for research, but SME is opened every morning and runs all day long.

Steven Tello, Boston, MA, USA

I love this tool. It's great for keeping an eye on things at work and doing portfolio testing.

Ryan Speth, New York, NY, USA

The best and the most outstanding feature of StockMarketEye is the simple, user friendly interface ... It is very light on resources and the customer service is excellent.

Terrence D'souza-Dubai-UAE

StockMarket Eye just keeps getting better. It hasn't gone un-noticed that you have put a lot of work into following Mac conventions and integrating small details logically. Your product is easy to use because it is logical.

Walter (Mike) Casey

I just purchased your product and I think it's awesome! It is very intuitive to use and it has more heading criteria (e.g., P/E, P/B, P/S, etc.) than many services I've looked at like Yahoo and Google. Also, it allows me to track my stock easily without opening my accounts. Not to mention shopping for new stocks or watching stocks I may need to sell.

Larry Kitzman, Minneapolis, MN, USA

I've never used a program to monitor the market before but this product is great. It is a simple, yet powerful tool. I can see everything I want to quickly and easily. The charts are extremely easy to read and setup. I have already noticed a boost in my investor confidence level in just a week of using it.

Bill Randleberg, Private Investor, USA

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