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  • Portfolio management
  • Investment idea tracking
  • Fast, dynamic stock charts
  • Stock price alerts
  • On-line sync to iOS/Android apps
  • International markets and currencies
  • Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, FX
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Get a Bird’s-Eye View of All Your Portfolios

Using StockMarketEye, you can quickly review all your holdings together in one spot and gain a better picture of your financial position.

See the big picture and take control of your investment decisions.

Get Started Quickly

StockMarketEye portfolios can track your actual investment accounts or they can be virtual portfolios that you use for fun and testing.

Getting started is quick and easy when you use the brokerage import. You can import your accounts directly from most major US brokerages. The direct connect to your brokerage account makes keeping your StockMarketEye portfolio up-to-date a piece of cake.

Besides the brokerage import, you can import data from files that are in one of the standard investment formats. StockMarketEye supports importing from QIF, OFX/QFX or CSV formatted files.

You can also manually add your investments using StockMarketEye’s optimized data-entry windows. You can enter any type of transaction from buys and sells to dividends, splits, cash deposits and more.

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Portfolio Management

StockMarketEye lets you consolidate information on portfolios, holdings and transactions.

You can group your portfolios and categorize your investments. Portfolio Groups and Categories are a powerful combination, allowing you to decide how best to manage and track your multiple investments.

Multi-currencies are supported in a portfolio – StockMarketEye performs automatic currency conversion so you always know the value of your investments in your portfolio.

Track your dividend portfolios – StockMarketEye provides specialized columns to help you better analyse and plan out your dividend portfolio.

StockMarketEye portfolios can also track your gains/losses and cost basis. Average cost basis (ACB) is also supported.

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Performance reporting

Analyse your gains/losses and measure the performance of your investments and portfolios. StockMarketEye gives you all the tools to gauge your current and past performance.

A powerful set of reports for your portfolios and portfolio groups is available. You have the tools to fully analyse your current holdings and your portfolio’s performance.

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I think you have a great product and even better than that, you have great customer support!

B. Niel, Alabama, USA

Great App! I downloaded and evaluated 5 different stock tracking apps and StockMarketEye is by far the BEST! There is no need to waste time like I did trying out any thing else.

Anonymous Feedback

…a user-friendly portfolio tracking application…

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Spend your time investing, not updating spreadsheets or logging into websites

Choosing the right investments takes time.

Use your time wisely and focus on the tasks that will improve your investment decisions and bring you closer to your goals.

Track Investment Ideas

There’s a never ending supply of investment ideas out there. From the talking heads on CNBC to the random guy with a blog, you’re never short of ideas of where to put your money.

The problem is remembering those ideas. Once you’ve found ones you want to pursue further, what do you do?

Create Watchlists to keep track of your investment ideas.

Watchlists let you track 10s, 100s, even 1000s of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options and currencies from around the world.

StockMarketEye makes it easy to organize your watchlists. You can group them together (just like with portfolios) or create categories of items within a watchlists.

Price quotes are retrieved automatically or on-demand from free sources on the Internet.

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Stock Charts – A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

StockMarketEye’s built-in, dynamic stock charts give you perspective on market movement.

Click on any of your investments to see its chart loaded in the bottom chart area.

The chart area is built-into StockMarketEye’s main window. You can resize it or even remove it if you like.

You can also open separate chart windows to view multiple charts with different settings at the same time.

Add another dimension to your analysis with comparison charting. View more than one stock in the chart at the same time so you can compare their performance over the seleted time period.

See what’s driving the market using one or more of the over 14 technical indicators that are available.

1-day and 5-day intraday charts are also an option. You can even set a custom range for the EOD charts (4-weeks and longer).

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Keep Your Eye On The Market

Don’t miss important activity with the built-in alerts system.

Help put yourself in the right place at the right time by setting alerts to trigger when your stock moves.

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Sync your data to your iOS and Android devices

StockMarketEye has native iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android apps that run on your mobile device or tablet.

You can use our secure on-line data synchronization service to keep your data updated in StockMarketEye on your desktop/laptop and mobile/tablet.

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