How To Enable Debug Logging

To get extended technical information about what StockMarketEye is doing while it runs, you can enable the debug logging option. Enabling this option will cause StockMarketEye to write detailed technical details (aka. debugging information) into the StockMarketEye log file.

The StockMarketEye support team will often ask you to “enable debug logging” in order to help them track down and fix a reported problem.

To enable debug logging, first open the Preferences window and go to the “Advanced” tab. Then:

  1. At the bottom of the window, click the box to enable the option entitled “Enable debugging information in the StockMarketEye log file.

  2. When the box is checked, click on the “OK” button.

Finally, restart StockMarketEye for the change to take effect.

After restart, perform the same action that caused the problem originally. The debugging information will be written to the StockMarketEye log file. You can then send this “sme.log” file to our support team.

Enabling the debug logging option.

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