How To Run From A Portable/External DriveΒΆ

StockMarketEye can be installed and run from a portable hard disk (ex. USB Flash Drive / jump drive / thumb drive, external hard drive, etc.). It can be setup so that all of the data that it stores will be kept on the portable disk.

To get StockMarketEye setup and running from your portable storage device, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the StockMarketEye installer from the website. You can save it to your computer’s main hard drive (such as in your Downloads folder).

  2. Run the installer.

  3. In the “Choose Install Location” step, select a folder on your portable drive. For example, if your portable drive is F:, then choose F:\StockMarketEye. This is the installation folder.

    Specify where to install StockMarketEye
  4. Finish the installation.

  5. Download the file,, and save it in the installation folder that you choose in step #3 above. For example, if you choose F:\StockMarketEye in the step #3 above, save the file (or move it after download) here: F:\StockMarketEye\

  6. Start StockMarketEye from the portable drive. Double click on the StockMarketEye.exe file that is in the installation folder that was specified in step #3 above.

  7. StockMarketEye will store its data in sub-folders of the installation folder. Particularly important is the “db” folder. This folder holds the StockMarketEye data files that contain your investment data.

    Be sure that you always quit StockMarketEye before ejecting the portable/external drive. Data corruption can occur if you eject the drive before quitting StockMarketEye.

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