Configuring Columns

The columns of the watchlist and portfolio tables can be changed to show you more and/or different data. You can add/remove columns as well as change the column’s order.

To change the columns of a table, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the header of any column in the table and select Configure Columns....

Right-click on column headers

The “Configure Columns” window will open. This is where you decide which columns should be visible and in what order they should be displayed.

Right-click on column headers

The list on the left-hand side of the window, titled “Available Columns”, contains the columns that are available to be added to the table. At the bottom of this list you’ll find the description of the column that is selected in the list above.

The list on the right-hand side of the window, titled “Visible Columns”, contains the columns that will be visible in the table. The order of the columns in this list will be the order in which they will be displayed in the table.

When you have finished with your changes, click the “OK” button to enable the changes. Click on “Cancel” to keep the current settings.

Add a Column

To add a column, select it in the “Available Columns” list and click the right-pointing arrow to move it to the “Visible Columns” list.

Move a column to the visible columns.

Re-order the Columns

Once in the “Visible Columns” list, you can change where the column will appear in the list by using the up/down arrows to move the selected column to the desired location.

Reorder the visible columns.

Remove a Column

To remove a column from the “Visible Columns” list, select it and click on the left-pointing arrow to move it back to the “Available Columns” list.

Move a column back to the available columns.

Restore Default Columns

You can restore the columns to the default StockMarketEye columns by clicking on the “Restore Defaults” button.

Move a column back to the available columns.

Notes on Column Configuration

  • Each type of view has its own set of “Available Columns”. Many columns can be used in both Watchlists and Portfolios. But portfolios, for example, will have additional columns for information such as purchase price and cost basis, while watchlists will have columns for watch start and watch %.

  • The visible columns can be the same for every table of the same type or different for individual tables. When the “Apply these column settings to all ...” option is checked, the column settings will be applied to every table of the same type. For example, when you change the watchlist’s “Prices” view columns and this option is checked, you change the columns of every Watchlist’s “Prices” view. When this option is not checked, only the current table will be affected.

  • The order and size of the columns can be different for every table.

  • You can resize a column by dragging the column separator to the left or right.

    Drag the column separator to resize.
  • You can re-order columns in an individual watchlist by dragging the column header and dropping it in the desired location.

    Drag the column itself to reorder.
  • You can sort on any column by clicking on the header of the column you wish to sort by. Click a 2nd time to sort in the opposite direction. Click a 3rd time to leave unsorted.

    Click the column header to sort on that column.

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