Synchronizing Data Between Two Desktop VersionsΒΆ

Follow the steps below to synchronize your investment data between StockMarketEye running on one computer and StockMarketEye running on another computer.


The On-Line Synchronization feature is not available in the trial version of the StockMarketEye desktop software.

The following steps assume that you have your data already entered into StockMarketEye on one of the computers and would now like to synchronize it to the other computer.

  1. On your first computer where you have already entered your investments into StockMarketEye, create an account in StockMarketEye’s on-line synchronization service as described in the “Creating An Account” section of the On-Line Synchronization guide. The email/password that you choose for this account will be used in both computers.
  2. Go to the Other Synchronization Actions and use the “Upload to Account” action. Wait till the upload is finished.
  3. Now run StockMarketEye on your other computer. Note you will need to have your license key installed in StockMarketEye on this computer in order to use the on-line synchronization service.
  4. Use the menu File -> On-Line Synchronization to open the synchronization window.
  5. Enter the email address and password you used on the first computer and click “Login”.
  6. Go to the Other Synchronization Actions and use the “Download from Account” action. Wait till the download is finished.
  7. When the download is finished, your investment data will be on both the computers.

When you need to synchronize in the future, you can use the standard “Start synchronization now” button on either computer.

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