On-line Synchronization

StockMarketEye’s on-line synchronization feature allows you to easily share your data between computers and iOS devices.

When you want to use or update your data on another computer or iOS device, you synchronize, downloading more recent data from the service and uploading your changes to the service. The synchronization service merges the data you send to it with what you have previously sent it and returns the most recent version of the data.


The On-line Synchronization feature of StockMarketEye is not activated in the trial version.

Creating An Account

The synchronization service works with an account, which you can create from within the desktop version or the iOS version. You can create this account using any email address that you own.

The email address is used to link you to the data you store in the synchronization service. You should use the same email address in any desktop or iOS version of StockMarketEye with which you want to synchronize your data.

To create an account, open the menu File -> On-line Synchronization.

Open on-line sync from File menu

Then click the “Create a free account>>” link.

Click create a new, free account

Enter your email address and choose a password. Then click “Register”.

Register new account

When the account is created, you will be automatically logged in and can start the synchronization process. More details on the synchronization process can be found below.

Login to an existing account

If you already have created an account on another computer or device, you can login with that same account on your current computer in order to synchronize your data.

To login with an existing account, open the menu File -> On-line Synchronization.

Open on-line sync from File menu

Enter the email address and password you used when you created the account. Then click “Login”.

Login with existing account.

Once you are logged in, you can start the synchronization process. See the next section for more details on the synchronization process.

Synchronize Your Data

The standard StockMarketEye synchronization is called the “merge” synchronization.

Standard merge synchronization

When you synchronize (i.e. click the “Start synchronize now” button), StockMarketEye uploads your data to our synchronization service. The synchronization service compares the data it receives to any data you have already sent, saving the most recent version of your data (either from the data you just sent or from the previously saved data). It then sends back the merged (i.e. most recent) version of that data, replacing the data you have in StockMarketEye so you work with the most recent version available.


When the synchronization is complete, StockMarketEye will be working with the most recent data available.

Other Synchronization Actions

StockMarketEye also offers other synchronization actions. These actions can be accessed from the “Other Synchronization Actions>>” link.

Click other sync actions to access other

Besides the standard “merge” synchronization described above, StockMarketEye also offers “download” and “upload” actions.

Other synchronization actions

Download From Account

This action downloads all of the data from your on-line sync account, using that data to completely replace the data in StockMarketEye on your computer. This can be useful if you have already used the on-line synchronization service and are now loading your data on a new computer.

Upload To Account

This action uploads all of your data in StockMarketEye to your account in the on-line synchronization service. All of the old data in your account is replaced with the newly uploaded data. This can be useful if you synced incorrect data from another device or computer and want to replace that data with the correct version from your current computer.


You can logout of the StockMarketEye synchronization service using the “Logout” button. If you want to use the synchronization service on this computer again, you will have to re-login.

Log out of sync service.

What Data Is Synced?

StockMarketEye syncs the following data:

  • Watchlists and their contents
  • Portfolios, their holdings and transactions
  • Alerts
  • Any custom names, sectors, industries that you have set for a ticker symbol.

What Data Is Not Synced?

StockMarketEye does not sync the following data:

  • General preferences
  • Column configurations
  • Brokerage information (username, password, account number, etc)

Is It Secure?

The StockMarketEye on-line synchronization service secures your data by encrypting it when sent over the internet, storing it in an encrypted format, and using secure tokens for authentication.

  • Your data is encrypted using the industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when sent over the internet to and from the StockMarketEye synchronization service.
  • The synchronization service encrypts your data using the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, 256-bit).
  • Authentication with the synchronization service is done using a secure token, eliminating the need to store your password on your computer or iOS device.

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