Brokerage Update

Once you have imported your accounts from a brokerage, you should periodically update the corresponding StockMarketEye portfolios with the most recent transactions from your brokerage. To do this, you can use the brokerage update feature, which downloads all recent transactions and applies them to your portfolio.

The brokerage update feature can be run individually on each separate portfolio (via the menu: Portfolio -> Update from Brokerage), or on all your imported portfolios at once, using the method described below.

HowTo Update All Imported Portfolios

  1. Open StockMarketEye and use the menu: File -> Update from Brokerages...

    Open the update from brokerage window
  2. The “Update all portfolios from brokerage” window will be displayed.

    The update all portfolios from brokerage window.
  3. In the “Update all portfolios from brokerage”, select the brokerages/accounts from which you wish to update. Checking the box next to the brokerage name will select all of the accounts from that brokerage. You can also expand the brokerage items to see and select/unselect individual accounts from that brokerage.

  4. When you check the box next to a brokerage, if you have not already entered your password for the brokerage, you will be asked to enter it.

    Enter your password for each brokerage.
  5. In the “Update all portfolios from brokerage” window, mark the option “Remember brokerage passwords” to have StockMarketEye save the passwords so you don’t have to enter them each time. The first time you do this, you will see the following informational message about password saving.

    Informational message about saving passwords in StockMarketEye.


    Your brokerage information (username, password, account number, etc) is not copied by the on-line synchronization service.

  6. Click the “Start Update” button to begin the download process. StockMarketEye will then connect directly to your brokerage accounts and download all of your recent transactions.

    The update from brokerage process is running.
  7. As each download process completes, a “Preview Update” button is shown. Clicking on this button will open a window showing the transactions that were downloaded from the brokerage.

  8. When the download process has completed for all brokerages, click on the “Finish Update” button to apply the downloaded transactions to your portfolios. If you do not want to apply the transactions downloaded for a particular portfolio, uncheck the box for that portfolio.

    The update from brokerage process has finished.
  9. Depending on how many brokerages and portfolios you have, the applying of the transactions may take a few seconds. When it is completed, your portfolios will be up-to-date.

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