Changing A Holding’s Currency

By default, StockMarketEye sets the currency of a holding based on the exchange on which the symbol trades. For example, the symbol, LLOY.L, is recognized as trading on the London Stock Exchange, so StockMarketEye will by default set the currency to GBP (denoting a denomination in pence). The symbol, TLS.AX, is recognized to trade in Australia and therefore AUD is chosen as the currency.

However, this automatic currency selection may not always be correct. Some securites can trade in a currency other than the default currency for the exchange. For example, on the London exchange, securities are usually denominated in pence, but can also be denoninated in Pounds, US Dollars or even Euros. Expecially with securities on the London exchange, this can lead to values in your StockMarketEye portfolio that are off by a factor of 100.

If the currency chosen by default is not correct, you can change it to the correct currency as described below.

Steps for Changing A Holding’s Currency

  1. In your portfolio, Select the holding that you would like to change and click on the Details button in the toolbar. The “Enter Purchase Details” window will open.
  2. In the “Enter Purchase Details” window, click on the “Currency Options” section to expand it.
  3. Click on the “Change” button and select the new currency. For example, if your security trades on the London exchange, the default currency will be GBP (British Pence). But if this security is actually denominated in Pounds, you should select GBPD (British Pounds) as the currency. If it trades in U.S. Dollars, select USD, or EUR if it is denominiated in Euros. If necessary, you can also specify an exchange rate, or accept the default provided by StockMarketEye, which will be the closing exchange rate for the purchase date.
  4. Click on the OK button. StockMarketEye will save the changes and re-calculate the values.