The Transactions Report

A transaction is a record of activity in your portfolio. Each transaction represents an action that occurred in your portfolio, such as a buy, sell, dividend or deposit.

The StockMarketEye Transactions report contains a list of all of the transactions that have occurred in your portfolio. It is the history of your portfolio; what happened, and when it happened.


The Portfolio’s Prices view (i.e. your current holdings) shows what you currently own in this portfolio. It is related to the Portfolio’s transactions, in that the actions represented by the transactions (buys, sells, splits, dividends, etc) built the Prices view.

But the items in the Prices view are not transactions. They are your current holdings that were built from the actions represented by the transactions.

You can access the Transactions report by clicking on the “Reports” button in the toolbar and selecting the “Transactions” Report type.

pf trans tb in StockMarketEye

You can filter which transactions are visible in the report by using the filtering tools to the right of the Report type selector.

  • Range – allows you to specify a standard date range (“This Month”, “Last 3 Months”, “Year to Date”, etc) for the transactions that should be shown in the report.
  • “From” and “To” – allow you to specify a precise range of dates for the transactions that should be shown in the report.
  • “Symbol” – allows you to show only the transactions for a specific ticker symbol.
  • “Type” – allows you to show only the transactions for a specific type of transaction (Buy, Sell, Dividend, etc).

You can set all of the filtering tools back to their default settings by clicking on the “Reset filters” menu found in the “More” menu on the right of the toolbar.

Showing Transaction Totals

You can enable a “Total” line in the Transactions report that shows the totals of certain columns, just like you would see in a spread sheet.

This can be particularly useful when used in combination with some of the other filters. For example, you can show just the dividends paid over a specific time period, and then see the total value of those dividends in the Total line.

To enable the “Total” line in the Transactions report, use the “More” menu on the right-hand side of the toolbar. Then select “Other Filter Options”, and then “Show Totals”.

Showing Portfolio Transactions Totals in StockMarketEye

You will then see a total line at the bottom of the list of transactions.

StockMarketEye Transactions Report

Editing Transactions

You can modify the details of a transaction after it has been added. Changes that you make in a transaction’s details that are relevant to an existing position are automatically reflected in the Prices/Fundamentals view.

There are several ways to modify the details of a transaction.

  1. Double-click on the transaction, or select it and then open the “More” menu on the far right of the toolbar, then select the menu “Show transaction details”. Show Portfolio Transaction Details in StockMarketEye A window specific to the type of transaction being edited will open. In this window you can modify many details of the transaction including date and price.
  2. You can also edit some of the transaction’s details in-line in the table. To do this, first select the transaction to edit, then click in the cell of that line that you would like to edit. You can now change the value there and press ‘Return’ for the change to take effect. Edit Portfolio Transactions Data in StockMarketEye

Moving and Copying

You can move or copy transactions from one portfolio to another.

  1. First select the transactions you want to move or copy.
  2. Use the “More” menu to select either “Move…” or “Copy…”. Alternatively, you can right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) on the selected transactions, then select either “Move…” or “Copy…” from the popup menu. Moving Portfolio Transactions Menu in StockMarketEye
  3. In the move or copy window, choose the portfolio to which the selected transactions should be copied or moved. Note that moving a transaction that has a corresponding position currently in the Prices view, does not move that position to the other portfolio. Only the transaction is moved, causing the Prices view to become out of sync with the transactions. A warning message will be displayed at the bottom of the move window if this is the case. In this situation, if you also want to move the position from the prices view, it is best to perform the move from the Prices view, as from there the corresponding transaction will also be moved.
    Moving Portfolio Transactions Details in StockMarketEye
  4. Press OK for the transactions to be moved or copied.

Delete a Transaction

It is also possible to delete transactions. Deleting a transaction will remove any portfolio item created by this transaction as well as adjusting the cash balance to negate the effects of this transaction.

To delete a transaction, select the transaction, then use the “More” menu or context popup menu to select “Delete from Transactions…” You must confirm that you want to delete the transaction.

Delete Portfolio Transaction Confirmation in StockMarketEye

Exporting to CSV

You can export your transactions to CSV for use in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

  1. Use the “More” menu to select the “Export to CSV…” menu.
  2. In the “Transactions Export” window, select the file to which the transactions will be written.
  3. Then select the view option to export:
    • “Transactions report” – this will include all of the currently configured columns in the CSV file.
    • “Transactions report with import compatible columns” – this will include all of the columns that are necessary for StockMarketEye to use this file as a CSV import file.
      StockMarketEye pf bit export window
  4. Press OK to export the transactions to CSV. Clicking on the file’s link in the finished window will open the file in your spreadsheet application.
    StockMarketEye CSV Portfolio Export Finished