Ticker Symbols and Data Providers

A ticker symbol (also referred to as a stock symbol) is an abbreviation that identifies the shares of a company on a stock market. For example, the ticker symbol for Apple Inc. on the NASDAQ is AAPL. For Johnson & Johnson on the New York Stock Exchange, it is JNJ.

Ticker symbols are the basis of your StockMarketEye watchlists and portfolios. You’ll use ticker symbols for many different operations, such as adding to a watchlist, purchasing a stock for your portfolios, viewing charts or setting alerts.

Market data, such as current price quotes, fundamental data and historical prices, comes from data providers and is based on the ticker symbols you use. StockMarketEye support 2 data providers: Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance. Yahoo! and Google have slightly different ticker symbol nomenclature. For example, AAPL works for Yahoo!, but with Google it is NASDAQ:AAPL.

In this section you will learn how to find the ticker symbols for the securities you are interested in, as well as more details on the data providers supported by StockMarketEye.