Creating and Deleting a Watchlist

Adding your own Watchlists can help you to more effectively track the stocks you are interested in. Create watchlists for a sector or market cap size. Have watchlists for over/under weighted stocks. StockMarketEye does not limit you on how many watchlists you can have, nor how many stocks you can have in a watchlist.

Create a Watchlist

In StockMarketEye’s main menu, select File -> New Watchlist.... This will open the “Watchlist Settings” window as shown below:

Creating a new watchlist via the main menu.

Type a name for your new Watchlist in the field labeled Name. The name you use can be anything you want, but every Watchlist must be named differently. You may also add a description of your Watchlist in the Description field, but this is optional.

Click “OK” to save your new Watchlist. Your StockMarketEye window will now look similar to the following:

StockMarketEye after having added the new watchlist.

You can modify the name of a Watchlist by double-clicking on its name in the list on the left. This will display the “Watchlist Settings” window where you can change the Name and Description of your Watchlist.

Delete a Watchlist

To delete a watchlist, select the watchlist in the folders area. Then use the main menu, Watchlist -> Delete Watchlist....

Deleting a watchlist via the main menu.

When a watchlist is deleted, all of the stocks in that watchlist are also deleted. Deleting can not be un-done, so you need to confirm that you want to delete the watchlist before StockMarketEye will actually delete it.

Confirm deletion of watchlist.

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