Importing A Watchlist

You can import ticker symbols into your StockMarketEye Watchlists via Comma-separated values (CSV) files. You can create CSV files via most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Calc.

CSV Import Format

StockMarketEye reads your stock symbols from the CSV file, one symbol per line. Optionally, you may include additional columns in each line in order to specify additional information for the symbol. The table below lists the columns accepted by StockMarketEye.

NOTE: The order of the columns in the CSV file must be the same as that specified in the table below.

NOTE: You may include a “header” line, but it is not required. If the “header” line is included, the first cell must contain the word “symbol” or “ticker”.

Accepted CSV columns for Watchlists

Bold column names are mandatory. Others are optional.

Ticker SymbolWatch Start PriceWatch DateCommentName

You can download an example CSV watchlist file here.

In your spreadsheet application, the file to import will look something like this:

Example Watchlist import file in Excel

Column Descriptions

The following table describes the columns of the CSV file in greater detail.

Ticker SymbolMandatoryThe ticker symbol to add to the Watchlist. You can find valid ticker
symbols using StockMarketEye’s built-in
ticker symbol lookup.
import will not warn about symbols for which it can not retrieve
quotes or historical data. This column is mandatory and must always
contain a value.
Watch Start PriceOptionalThe starting watch price. If not specified, the current last-trade
price will be used.
Watch DateOptionalThe date on which you started watching this stock. Typically this
corresponds to the date on which the stock traded at the
Watch Start Price. If not specified, the current date will
be used.
CommentOptionalAny comments you want to remember about this particular security.
This column is optional and can be left blank.
NameOptionalThe name of the company or fund represented by the ticker symbol.
This column is optional and can be left blank.

Importing a CSV Watchlist File

Once you have created a CSV file containing your ticker symbols, you can import it into StockMarketEye with the following steps.

  1. Open StockMarketEye and click on the menu: File -> Import Watchlist from CSV… Watchlist import menu
  2. Select the CSV file containing the watchlist symbols that you want to import into StockMarketEye. This data will be imported into a new or existing StockMarketEye watchlist that you select in Step #3. Once you have entered an existing CSV Watchlist symbols file, click on the “Next” button to move to the next step. Select the CSV file to import into as a watchlist in StockMarketEye
  3. Finish the import of the Watchlist symbols by selecting a Watchlist into which the symbols will be added. You can either select an existing Watchlist, or create a new one. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the import. Confirm and finish the import
  4. The symbols have now been imported into the selected Watchlist.
    After having imported the watchlist